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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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it is it is a critical day in the cap on the oil spill. a woman's struggle to live trapped in a car that went off a cliff. and most wanted for millions, it's a job. but is there any hope for them getting work any time soon? good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. it is 11:00 in the east, 8:00 out west. and now here's what's happening. if you think the heat is relent thls year, you're not alone. n noaa says this is the hottest first six months in history. since records were kept since 1880 this is the warmest january to june with an average surface temperature of 57.5 degrees. this weekend won't seem any different for most of the country. the northeast bracing for
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another hot and sticky weather system. for a look at today's complete weather forecast, let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, it is super hot out there. >> this is a duration. i feel like we're shattering record highs every day. it's relentless. we haven't gotten a break from the summer heat, especially on the east coast. and now in the middle of the country. and just now our friends on the west coast, they're jumping into the mix. the first time this summer the heat has really expanded the coast. we're at 87 in d.c. easily going to get up there in the mid 90s. yesterday was 98 in d.c. the heat index already feels like 92. the east coast so far, of course you're an hour ahead of the sunshine. we're already experiencing that heat pretty much from new england all the way to the south. d.c., right around 92 degrees. 86 in new york. a little heat in the summer.
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8 6 in boston. i just turned my boom box on for the weather cast. 95 in washington, d.c. 96 in new york will be the high today. by the way, we're already well ahead of last summer for number of 90 degree days from the mid-atlantic to east coast. overall, hot, hot, hot. i was hoping for a better selection of that song. you know going back to "it's hot in the city "ofrment i'll have to work on my deejay skills. >> yeah. exactly. i think that was just in case anyone had fallen asleep. just sort of rejolt them. bill karins, as always. appreciate it. thanks so much. to get the forecast where you are and to monday store storms that are moving across the country, can you always head to and bp says it will continue tests of the latest well cap which appears to be preventing crude from escaping into the gulf at a technical briefing we had just this morning, a bp vice
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president said the results have been encouraging. and they say there's no evidence of oil leaking elsewhere on the sea floor. that's what they're concerned about. well, a 48-hour test of the cap is set to expire at 3:30 today. bp says they have not ruled out extending the time frame. before the latest cap was installed over 184 million gallons of crude had gushed into the gulf. and in a blow to cleanup efforts, the super skimmer dubbed the a whale has been beached after weeks of testing showed it wasn't xlekting enough oil. the upcoming hours will be critical to see if that well cap will hold. nbc's charles hadlock joins us live from venice, louisiana. charles, what have we learned from that briefing this morning about that cap? >> they don't see any signs of leaking oil. but the pressures aren't as high as they anticipated. when they plugged this well the other day, they expected pressures to rise to a certain
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level. instead, they're just short of that. they're wondering what could be causing that. there are two possible scenarios. one is that the oil reservoir depleted. after all, it's been gushing uncontrolled for 87, 89 days now. that could be one reason. the other reason could be there could be cracks in the well casing below the floor of the gulf of mexico. that would mean that oil is escaping somewhere into the formation. they've been doing reconnaissance and sending out these robot cameras to look on the sea floor to see if they have any signs of leaking oil. they also have done seismic tests to see if there are any pools of oil. so far, nothing. so the pressures are steady but they're not as high as they anticipated. so the tests will continue. there is a chance that they will extend this test throughout the afternoon, perhaps into tomorrow. nora? >> all right. charles hadlock, thank you. and there's new information on the massive collapse of a parking garage in new jersey. officials now say the incident
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does not appear to have taken any lives. rescue crews dug throughout debris all night but called off the search after determining no one was inside the structure when it fell. witnesses say the clacollapse w absolutely terrifying. >> you felt the entire building shake. >> i looked out of the window and it's just dust. i looked down and just like a sink hole, like a hole. >> a remote camera appeared to locate a victim earlier. officials now say no one was found inside. president obama and his family are on the gulf coast of maine today -- excuse me, on the coast of maine today, enjoying a brief three-day retreat from washington. the first family is hiking, biking, and breathing the ocean air after a week that saw positive developments in the gulf and a key victory in congress. mike viqueira is traveling with the president and live in bar harbor, maine. mike, it was a good week for the president. >> reporter: well, yes. he left on a high note after
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weeks of being beleaguered. of course, the gulf oil spill, temporarily stopped flowing. that picture from the bottom a mile below the surface of the gulf for weeks spewing oil into the gulf, washing up on the beaches down there. the president has been down there four times. but only served to demonstrate that everybody was powerless to stop it for quite some time, 90 days, of course, including the president himself. that has stopped. although the president is cautiously guardedly optimistic, we should say. on thursday, the day before coming up here to this beautiful spot bar harbor, maine, the senate passed its financial regulation reform bill. he will be back in washington to sign that on wednesday. they leave tomorrow on sunday to go back to washington, incidentally. look, he's up here with his family. roll the pictures. the white house gave us plenty of opportunities to see the first family up on the mountain side. they call it mt. cadillac -- i'm sorry, cadillac mountain. they went up there. it is a local tourist spot in acadia national park. they overlooked the coves and
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the islands that scatter the main coast. they had ice cream, a little bit later from sea level. they got a view of the town and the surrounding islands of bar harbor here. they were on a national park service boat last night for about 15 minutes before the fog started to roll in. watz a little chilly on the water. there i'm going to -- if you come back to me, i want to show you. it's low tide here in bar harbor. you see the sand bar that stretches to the rightst frame. that is the town of bar harbor. to the left is bar island that gives the town the name. the sand bar exposes itself at low tide. over in bar harbor, the first family is now at a health club, thought to be playing tennis. if you look on the website, the bar harbor club, it's quite nice. some of the amenities they have there, clay tennis courts, spas, things of that nature. so the first family largely relaxing here. they are here for three days. they got here yesterday. the president has told chuck todd the other day that one other thing on his plate as far as family mat seters is concern
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malia will go away for a move summer camp. something that might leave a tear in his eye. >> something i noticed in my eye, you actually have been reporting all morning long since 7:00 this morning. we did have a special about all your different reports. we noticed 7:36. he has on the jacket. >> okay. >> 8:17, he's switching to just a plain shirt. >> 9:08, totally different shirt. and at 106789. 01, another shirt. let me just make that clear to everyone. this is four different outfits, mike viqueira. what's going on? and now the shorts. do you have on shoes? >> no. i have on sandals. >> why do you need four different shirts this morning? >> well, nora, i'll tell you. first i was on a different platform of the empire of nbc news and i thought a jacket might be appropriate. and then we tend to be a little more casual as you're
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demonstrating at this moment. so i took it off. then i decided, well, you know what, it is getting hot. i'm going to go with something a little more breathable, if that's okay with you. and now, you forced me to really come clean about the flowered swim trunks. and that's where i'm heading right after this live shot. >> i was wondering. were you needing all of that lobster if some of the butter had dripped on to your shirt and that's why -- or coconut ice cream. that's why you many the multiple outfits. >> but i wear the bib. >> mike viqueira, thanks so much. we appreciate it. enjoy the pool. >> okay. and now the economy, the stock market and ended on a down note this week. on friday, the dow fell over 260 points. this is pessimism grows among consumers. a new survey shows only 39% of consumers think their incomes will rise over the next year. so what does this all mean for the economy? nbc financial analyst vera
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gibbons joins me now. glad to see you. you're still wearing the same outfit you wore earlier. >> i am. and just like mike, summer saturday. we all have our flip-flops on. we all have sandals on. i confess. >> exactly. exactly. if you're working on this saturday, you may as well do it in comfort. >> exactly. that's exactly right. >> what is uncomfortable on friday is the dow. it dropped 260 points. >> i know. >> what happened? >> the market just has such a very weak tolerance for any kind of bad news, whether that's earnings reports, as was the case on friday, or the consumer sentiment taking that new low. it's the lowest level it's been in nearly a year. you mentioned the statistics at the top. but americans are spending 3.5 hours a day -- 3.5 hours a day worrying about their financial well-being, budgeting, all of that stuff. and older americans, 61%, according to a new survey, now say they fear running out of money more so than they do dying. ien into is what it's come. to consumer sentiment is a
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worrysome thing. >> and what about retail sales? you know, dropping for the second straight month in june. it does have a lot of people asking, where is the recovery? >> where is the recovery? the catalyst to consumer spending, as you very well know, are jobs. something that is eluding us. it's the missing piece of the economic puzzle. so retail sales down yet again for the second consecutive month which shows us that the recovery is sort of slipping into a lower gear. it raises concerns about a double dip. and until we have real jobs, real growth, consumers are going to be holding back. they're very cautious. retailers are just treading water. >> all right. vera gibbons as always, thank you so much. >> thank you. and we conditioned let buchanan and fan leave this morning without commenting on a story that's the talk of the tabloids. bristol and levi, newly engaged. pat and peter are going to be here in a few minutes. they're going to answer the question are bristol and levi trying to tie the knot to make
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for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. oh! just come snuggle with mama. [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of glasses fo$99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don miss a thing.
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does your e-mail inbox at work stress you out? you're not alone. 20% in a new survey say they feel anxiety when they see 50 or more unopened e-mails. ann said she had more than 20,000 unopened e-mails today. isn't that crazy? that would give you stress. >> i clicked something and they're gone. >> delete everything. >> spam. >> exactly. anyway, both men and women share about the same level of stress, according to the study. and according to these experts, they say you should read and quickly respond to incoming e-mails. easier said than done, of
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course, with that. all right, now let's turn to politics. that's why, of course, we have pat and peter here. we're talking about sarah palin's daughter, bristol. she is tying the knot. you might get to watch the vows on television. that's right, bristol and her husband to be levi johnston are apparently shopping around a reality show. the pair stunned everyone when they anouned their engagement this week even sarah palin says she was taken by surprise. levi, of course, is the father of bristol's son, palin's grandson. i'm joined now live by pat buchanan and peter fen. this is interesting. they're on the front cover of "us weekly." according to "us weekly," they paid for the photo shoot. bristol palin called them, "us weekly," wanting a platform to tell their story. peter, you surprised about this? >> you know, i'd like to say that nothing about the palins surprises me. but this one was like, what?
11:17 am
you know, momma grizzly didn't know about it. and i don't know, what happened to the baby grizzly? this is really kind of bizarre. i mean they make enough money. don't you think? i think she's doing okay financially. i mean do they need it? >> we all know that you love sarah palin. you love momma grizzly. and we know that you are not a big fan of levi johnston. i did ask them to dive into the archives to just remind everybody about what you once said about levi johnston. so let me just play that tape, okay? >> i think first dude up there in alaska, todd palin, ought to take levi down to the creek and hold his head underwater until the thrashing stops. now -- let me talk about sarah palin. >> that was pat, of course. worth replaying when you said todd should hold levi under the water. but seriously, after what he said about sarah palin and todd,
11:18 am
that their marriage was on the rocks, she was a money hungry, absentee mother, she said horrible things about her child with special needs. i mean he trashed the family. and now he's getting married to their teenage daughter? >> well, he's apologized for it and the teenage woman is the mother of his child. this is soap opera aspect which i think is hurtful. >> and they're doing it perhaps for money, to sell it to get a reality tv show? >> you know what? she wants to wear a carolina ferara dress and he and his kid are going to be in camo. >> does that disturb you, pat? >> look, if i'm advising her on the presidential run, i think we're going to have to get by this one. you know, it's -- i think it's hurtful, i really do. >> that's very interesting. let's talk about what this means for sarah palin. there was this fascinating poll. it's in the "new york times"
11:19 am
this morning. it's about where the republicans rank. and sarah palin, i noticed this yesterday. sarah palin, 76% approval among republicans. then followed by mike huckabee, newt gingrich, mit romney, she's is the most popular republican out there. >> courage, charisma and conviction. she's an attractive woman. she does have her beliefs and convictions. she goes out and states it. i think peter would agree what she endorsed was nix ownian in the best sense of that term. it was brilliant. >> it was brilliant. look, i think she has something going now. this may not help. but, you know, carry brandstead, not the tea party candidate, she goes for him. south carolina, really moved. the underdog. i mean she's going to -- and then new hampshire. she's got three -- >> and the conservative in california. she went for car lie fee or
11:20 am
yeeyeen carly fiorina. when you git to independents and moderates and folks like that and democrats you have a real turnoff and she bumps her head in a general election 40, 45%. maybe a goldwater problem. >> is this about the republican party or about sarah palin? i mean is this an ego trip, one she wants to profit off of? i ask that because, as chuck -- >> that's unfair. look, no doubt -- >> she did an entire video about momma grizzlies. it doesn't show any of the momma grizzlies she's endorsed. it is primarily and totally about sarah palin. >> it's about women and women conservatives, women populous. it was a terrific video. >> i'm not arguing that it wasn't. >> she has an extra dimension that most politicians that give you the statements and, you know, their little -- it's boring! she's not. >> here's the deal, pat. as you said, look, she is our best dream of a candidate. thank you very much. we're all for pushing her
11:21 am
forward. and two things happening. one is increasingly conservative base of delegates at these conventions. same convention two years ago, unbelievably conservative folks and they'll get more conservative, i think. secondly, she's putting together a operation in which she wasn't doing before. the latest report of her fund-raising and who she's hiring and the kinds of operations isn't just -- she is just out to get money, raise money for herself. she's raised money for her serious operation. >> if she makes a move and goes, she'll go into iowa. it will be romney who is very well established out there as a candidate of the moderates and the establishment. and sarah palin. i tell you, i don't see how anybody else gets in, runs against her. she'll take off all the options. if she wins iowa, i don't think she wins new hampshire, she goes into south carolina and sets it on fire, katie bar the door. >> all right. peter fen and pat buchanan, as always, fascinating.
11:22 am
pat, let me know if levi sends you an e-mail. probably not. all right. now to this story. the battle of the bed bugs rages on in some manhattan retail stores. the latest victim, victoria secret on 68th street. the store had to close briefly to deal with an infestation. the company spokeswoman called them small, isolated case. the store is back open today after an extermination earlier in the week. we'll see.
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it's been a dueling week of accusations between the tea party movement and the naacp, the civil rights organization accuses the grassroots political group of harboring racists. the tea party says it's actually the other way around. let's bring in hillary shelton, senior vice president for policy and advocacy for the naacp. thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about this, hillary. first, the naacp did, in fact, pass a resolution denouncing
11:26 am
racist elements within the tea party. why do that? >> well, we noticed a couple things across the country. we started seeing an escalation of both violent activities in some cases but certainly racial insensitive activities and racist activities from the experiences we had during the vote on the historic health care bill where john lewis of atlanta, georgia, was actually spat upon, where emanuel cleaver from kansas city, kansas, was called the n word or barney frank is called the f word. we also saw where people had bricks thrown through their windows at their offices. and even davis scott from georgia had a swastika painted on his building. we're seeing a connection between these activities and tea party activities as well. then we started seeing signs popping up from time to time at various tea party events and rallies and demonstrations. then we learned that there
11:27 am
really are more than one section of the national tea party. there are six national sects and realize that something needs to be done. we need to call this issue out. but that's when it is called upon the tea party itself to address the issue. >> hillary, the tea party express said that the naacp is trying to profit off race baiting and fear mongering. even sarah palin and the former governor of alaska who many believe is the head of the tea party, i saw her tweet on this, she wrote she was saddened by the naacp's claim that patriotic americans are somehow racist. is sarah palin wrong? >> well, she is wrong. she's only rong in that she's not looking at the bigger picture. she's looking at the small group. and there is a grouping of those that we believe within the tea party that are quite legitimate that, are focused on political issues as they very well should. they're exercising their constitutional right to assemble
11:28 am
and freedom of speech. they raise two issues. lower taxes and smaller government. and that is acceptable. but when signs pop-up at these demonstrations, calling the president of the united states the n word, when they call him a monkey and other things along those lines that are very racially charged, we know we have a problem. >> hillary, newt gingrich offered to step in and moderate between the naacp and the tea party. is that something the naacp would welcome? you would actually consider some form of meeting? >> well, it isn't that we need moderation. we're not fighting it out with the tea party. we're calling upon the tea party to actually fight it out with those elements from within. the problem is not with the naacp and tea party. the problem is -- >> many people see this perhaps unfairly in a simplistic fashion which is that naacp calls tea party racist. tea party people say naacp wrong. that there needs to be sort of
11:29 am
further dialogue. >> well, we're not caught -- in all fairness, we're not calling the tea party racist. we're saying there is a racest element within the tea party. the tea party admitted that they have to struggle with this. mr. gingrich could be helpful in moderating between the racest elements in the tea party and the legitimate areas of the tea party so we can close that gap. those are the issues that need to be discussed and worked on. >> all right. hilary shelton with the naacp, great to talk you to. thanks so much for joining us. >> the pleasure is mine. thanks for having me. >> have a good saturday. and just a few minutes, something anyone in a relationship needs to hear. they are the key warning signs that your lover may be cheating on you. also ahead, see what's being done to make sure actor mel gibson can't get his hands on his own guns. you're watching msnbc saturday.
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witt. here are your fast five headlines. the new cap on that broken oil well in the gulf of mexico appears to be working. bp says there is no sign of leaking oil. engineers are keeping a nervous eye on pressure levels in the pipe to determine if the cap can stay on or another course of action is required. china yashgs it's taking 15 hours and more than 2,000 firefighters to put on an oil pipeline fire. the blaze at a seaport caused two pipelines to explode. good news, no one was hurt. secretary of state hillary clinton this weekend is heading for south asia. she'll be attending a conference in afghanistan aim at improving security in that war-torn nation. back in the states, the fdic has come to the rescue of eight more failed banks totaling $2 billion in assets. that makes 96 bank failures so far this year. and the california woman is recovering after spending five days trapped at the bottom of a ravine. can you believe that? her car went off a road and
11:34 am
crashed 300 feet down an am bankment. amazingly, she suffered only scrapes and bruises. and those are your "fast five headlines." where are the jobs? the latest jobless report shows the unemployment rate dropped to 9.5% in june. that's down from 9.7%. 125,000 jobs were lost. 83,000 private sector jobs were added. joining me now is neil irwin, financial reporter for "the washington post." we report the numbers all the time. we put this figure on at 9.7%, 9.5%. simply, where are the jobs? where is the recovery? >> what's going on is american businesses are not confident in the future. they don't feel like there is demand for the products. they don't have confidence that the economy -- the recovery is going to keep going and keep gaining steam. they're not hiring at the levels you need to create job growth. you really need to add a lot of jobs to keep the unemployment level. >> your paper reported that businesses are hoarding cash
11:35 am
$1.8 trillion worth. why isn't there any confidence about the economy? >> well, you know, there's just two stories. big businesses are sitting on a ton of cash. the problem is not a lack of funds for businesses to hire. you know, some people argue that they're concerned about the regulatory environment. they're concerned about what the government is going to do. but more fundamentally, they're concerned there is not demand for the products. if they felt like consumers were ready to buy and had the funds, they would be hiring and production. for smaller businesses, the problem is also involves the lack of availability of funds. so it's hard to get a loan. banks are still in trouble. small businesses are having trouble getting capital. >> federal reserve leaders marked down their expectations for this year. what does that mean? >> well, they're seeing the same things that everybody else is seeing. this recovery seems to be really gaining momentum and really starting to take off in the spring slowed down the last couple of months. and they're acknowledging that reality. maybe this recovery, even though it is continuing and the economy is expanding isn't as strong as it seemed just not all that long ago. >> wow.
11:36 am
there are signs that it's not such a good recovery. that it slowed down. >> you know, we're in such a deep hole with 9.5% unemployment that we need to be growing rapidly to get out of it any time soon. just as a rule of thumb, we need to gain 250,000 jobs a month just to bring the unemployment rate down 1% a year. that will still take four years to get down to a normal unemployment rate. and we're not doing that. we're gaining jobs about 120,000 jbz jobs a month. we're not only not digging out of the hole, we're not even keeping level. >> all right, neil irwin, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. and now to politics and president obama tearing into the gop in his address to the nation this morning. the president says senate republicans are playing politics with the nation's economic recovery by blocking votes on measures that would extend benefits to the unemployed. >> i got no problem spending money on tax breaks for folks at the top who don't need them and didn't even ask for them. but they object to helping folks laid off in this recession who
11:37 am
really do need help. and every day this goes on another 50,000 americans lose that badly needed life line. >> the president released the preregard add dress this morning. president obama is vacationing in bar harbor, maine with the first lady and daughters sasha and malia. the president is scheduled to return to washington tomorrow. and we turn now to the mystery surrounding kyron horman, the missing 7-year-old boy in oregon. today is moving day for terri horman who was the last person known to be with kyron. joining us with the latest from portland, oregon, is nbc's miguel almagare. good morning. >> reporter: nora, good morning. terri horman never wanted to move out of the family home but kaine horman came to court to ask her to be thrown out of that home. now a deadline looms. a car loaded with boxes left the had horman home friday night as a deadline for terri horman to
11:38 am
vacate the house is hours away. for weeks she's remained secluded in the family home once shared with stepson kyron, husband kaine and daukt kiara. but on friday, it was decided that terri must leave by 3:00 p.m. today. >> terri, will she make a statement? >> she will not be here today. >> kaine horman was in court to ask a judge to evict her from the home immediately. just three weeks ago, it was kaine horman who moved out after his attorney says the sheriff's department advised him to immediately leave after they learned terri tried to hire a landscaper to kill him. in court, terri's attorney argued she needed more time to pack up. but now in a mutual agreement, she'll be out no later than this afternoon. >> they finally came to a reasonable resolution they could arrive at. the issue about her moving out was closed. so now it is a matter of getting the timing down. >> reporter: investigators say terri is the last known person to see 7-year-old kyron when she dropped him off at school more than six weeks ago.
11:39 am
since then, the stepmother has become a focus for investigators and the target of allegations. terri's attorney says she has now received threats of harm and is at the center of a witchunt. kyron's biological parents have publicly blamed terri for holding back information from detectives. friday, they returned to kyron's school where a wall of hope still grows. >> we wanted to make sure that everybody knows we are coming here regularly to pick things up and make sure that they're going to get to kyron for when he comes home. >> reporter: a home where his stepmother is no longer welcome. it's believed terri horman may move back into her parents home a few hours outside of part lond. we should point out while terri has never spoken publicly, she's also never been named a suspect. nora? >> all right. miguel, thanks so much. and a lock port, illinois, man is in custody after police say he tried to bomb a bank. officials say it happened last
11:40 am
night when the man attacked the building in a car rigged with explosives. local reports say the blast blew out the car doors and windows. the suspect was arrested a short time later. and the threat of a home foreclosure may have been the motive. it looks like mel gibson's tirades have cost him his gun collection. "the new york post" reports a los angeles judge ordered gibson hand to over all the fifrrearms that he owns. he used a gun to threaten former girlfriend oksana grigorieva. the court allowed gibson to retain visitation rights to their 9 mo-month-old daughter. now a new article outlining 15 signs and surprising tactics that could predict whether you or your partner will have an affair. some of those statistics may seem obvious. others are a bit shocking. joining us now is the author of that article, anellie rufus.
11:41 am
>> you wrote if you live in a large city, you're 39% more likely to have an affair. why is that? >> they say because having an affair is all about the opportunity. the more opportunity you have to find more partners outside the home, the more likely you are to do it. big cities have the anonymity, population. >> more people that check out in a city, that's right. number two, you write that there's a huge difference between people making over $75,000 to those making less than $30,000. who are the good guys here? the rich or the not so rich? >> it depends on what counts for good. you know, they say that, again, it's opportunity. who has more money? they can afford to hide their affairs. you can have a separate bank account maybe. >> so if you're more wealthy, you're more likely to be a cheater? >> oh, that is what they say, yes. >> all right. you also point out that highest percentage of cheaters falls on
11:42 am
those getting married at age 16 or younger. i thought you couldn't get married until you're 16 anyway. >> it differs state by state. >> so you're saying if you've been married before 16, you're more likely to sort of stray? >> well, if you look at it with the math, i guess it's the earlier you start, the more relationships you're in so the more opportunities you have to be a cheater. the later you get started, the less years you're involved. so you know? >> yeah. this is an interesting one. i know people talk about this. your article also referenced how living together prior to getting married leaves a 39% chance that at least one of you will cheat on the other. why is that? i know people always talk about that. like, you know, should we live together before we get married or should we not live together? >> yeah. it seems kind of surprising. you think oh, well if you live together, that's practice. so why you would cheat? the experts say too many people live together and experience problems in that relationship
11:43 am
and decide to solve those problems by getting married. and that's same as deciding to have kids to save your marriage which we know how well that works. >> all right. you raise some interesting -- some interesting things in this article. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. now to a number one this morning that might not surprise you, especially if you're the parent of a young girl. justin "baby" is the most watched video ever on youtube. "baby" has been played more than 246 million times. surpassing lady gaga's bad romance" just yesterday and who knows how long "baby" will stay on top. it's a good tune. you have to admit it. [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes.
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if you haven't booked your family vacation yet, we have great places to share with you, especially if you're traveling with kids. joining me now travel expert valerie delia with i'm sorry, i'm just reading we were going to do travel. you're not doing travel. >> i don't know anything about travel. >> i'm sorry, val rich. that's wh valerie. that's a mix up with shots. we're going to talk with mia later. but valerie, you have tips about where can you travel with your kids. let's start with ellis island. i always say is the most beautiful woman in america, statue of liberty. >> the statue of liberty is. it's right here in new york city. and what's new this year is that they have night time cruises
11:48 am
called statue cruises leaving at 5:00 p.m. out of battery park. so it's fantastic. it's after 5:00 p.m. you can get into the grounds but you can't get up to the crown, unfortunately. but what you do get is a buffet meal for the parents and kids. it's $35and $15 for kids. it's lobster tails and steak. anyone who has not seen it this is a very interesting way to do it. and this is good on thursday nights. and there's two different cruises going out. it accommodates as many as 1200 people. so there's a big opportunity there to go. >> valerie, i really like that idea. not only because, one, it's really hot out. and so anybody's got kids traveling with kids in this heat can be horrible. so a night time cruise would be absolutely beautiful. another one you recommend, yellowstone national park, right? >> yellowstone national park, of course, is our largest national
11:49 am
park. it's known for old faithful, that geyser that blows its top every hour to an hour and a half. you know, there's about 300 geysers that are blowing off steam. and there's also a beautiful array of wildlife with grizzly bears and elk and bald eagles. so there is really so much to see. there is camp grounds there. and there's 1200 miles of hiking trails that you can take advantage of also. you know what? i have been to almost 100 countries and i'm a little embarrassed to say that i've never been to yellowstone. but i should have seen it when i was a kid. so that's why i'm putting it on my list. >> you know what? valerie, same here. i've been over to -- over 55 different countries all around the world. i have not -- and almost every state in this great country and i have not been to yellowstone either. you remind me, i'm taking my kids there when they get a little bit older. and finally what do you think is the most important thing when traveling with kids? >> i think you want to get the kids involved. make it a democracy. have them get online.
11:50 am
have them do the google maps. have them go to the web sites. just get involved so that they know this is their just to get so they know this is their vacation, too. you can have them engage in social media, but have them tweet an their trip. that's the new thing now. you don't want them to be distracteded by social media so have them get involved. >> i cannot imagine my kids tweeting. but we're all there, right? all right, valerie, thanks so much. good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. >> it's all about hiking and ice cream, but in days, first lady michelle obama will put away her vacation shoes and get down to business. we'll explain next on nbc saturday. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a symbol of confidence... ♪
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it's yet another telling sign of the economy. more americans are less credit worthy. a new report says 43 million americans now have bad credit
11:54 am
with scores 600 or less. that's about 25% of today's consumers. typically in better times only 15% of americans have bad credit. it's back to business for the president come monday. but he's not the only obama with a loaded schedule. the first lady has a very busy week to look forward to including her second trip to the gulf region. nia malika henderson follows the first lady closely. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i noted this past week has been very busy for the first lady. have had multiple events about let's move, her campaign to combat childhood obesity, her first trip to the gulf and this week, jam packed, right? >> you're right. it's been a really busy stretch for her, hitting on the top pry orders. also talking about let's move and hitting on the oil spill. this week it's stend on her own issues, again with let's move, she'll travel to mississippi on friday where she'll meet with military families but also focus
11:55 am
on the gulf there. there's an event on monday, she's taking on this role as the unofficial art czar of the administration so they'll have an event with broadway stars. >> we heard at the beginning of this year, she got a new chief of staff, she wanted to become more engaged, more out there. have they stayed true to that? has she been doing more? >> she's been doing a little more. again, these past couple of weeks, she's been very busy, traveling out of d.c. and hitting on some of the points the administration wants to make, but really what people want to see is her out on the campaign trail, we saw glimpses of that in nevada with harry reid, they did a let's move event there and that pooerked pement pooerk piqued people's interest. >> do they want michelle obama in their district? >> they want michelle obama. nancy pelosi has made this specific request to the white house to bring us michelle obama.
11:56 am
she'll be really effective almost like the sarah palin strategy where she's supporting a lot of the female candidates on the republican side. if you pair michelle obama with a lot of women candidates she'll be very attractive with independent women who are critical of the democrats's chances of maintaining their majority in november. >> so you think we'll see the first lady campaigning? >> that's what everyone wants. i talked to the folks in the west wing. >> they're game to do it? >> they're game to do it. they're trying to convince her. she'll be off most of august, vacationing at martha's vineyard. so she'll be gearing up to get out there in to campaign for these candidates. >> that wraps up our live msnbc saturday coverage but stay with us for headline updates and
11:57 am
breaking news. up next" the mysterious music man." you guys have yourselves a wonderful day. ♪ ♪ keep feeling fascination ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪
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innovation for the planet. there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the l. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.


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